Last author in the world to get a blog? *raises hand slowly*

Welcome to my blog! I’m new at this, so please bear with me. I think I fought the good fight but in the end folded gracefully (not really) and here I am! Sharing. Now I’m excited, thinking of all the things I can utilize this platform for. FYI: Only 2.5 out of 100 of those things are for the greater good. Kiiidding. I’ll share my work, but also a little more about myself. Not the part about occasionally brushing my teeth to the Pointer Sisters’ “Fire”,  with a choreographed routine but…things (insert angel emoji). Don’t say you weren’t warned (insert devil emoji). Wait. Should those emojis be reversed? Oh well! Anyways, again, I’m excited to be here and have you here as well sharing GOOD VIBES only.

For my first post, I’ve decided to discuss my current work in progress, Winner Takes All!This is the story of Grant Easton, identical twin to Wyatt (Second Chances), and Divina Langley-Kemp, from my Circle of Friends Series. If you’ve read the first two books in the series, then you’re familiar with these characters and that they have a past together. I know I stated in my most recent newsletter that I wouldn’t start any new projects until 2019 but then I realized it was impossible not to, given this couple’s history. So when life gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade, right? I mean it worked for Beyoncé, so I’m just gonna trust the process, lol.

This adventure is the perfect opportunity to introduce Baxter Park and some of its characters to you! It’s a combination of past and present and will take you from Baxter Park to Kismet Cove to discover how Grant Easton and Divina Langley-Kemp came to be, and what the future holds for them. Young Grant and Divina break my heart. I feel for them deeply. There’s a scene that me and my editor debated regarding certain life experiences or lack of them and it makes me think of what I knew at that age (*snorts* way too damn much). To me, Grant is a mix of Jack and Casey Sullivan with some real A-holeish sprinkled in, lol.  He’s a bit much at times, but I like the way Divina holds her own with him. This pair loves to push each other’s buttons. As always, I’m looking forward to sharing another couple with you. I hope you’ll love them just as much as I do.


If you haven’t already, check out the synopsis below!

Divina Langley-Kemp is fed up with the pompous, overbearing men in her life. From her father to her ex-husband, she’s beyond over their arrogance and high-handedness. All she wants is peace and quiet to live her life on her own terms. Instead, she gets Grant Easton, a drop-dead gorgeous blast from the past who’s more trouble than her ex-husband and father combined.

Grant Easton finally has the Langley family in the palm of his hand. His long-awaited revenge of crushing them financially and ruining their prestigious reputation will soon come to fruition. Can anything stop the unscrupulous mogul from exacting his revenge?

He drives Divina insane and infuriates her to no end, but more than anything, he makes her feel vibrantly alive. She’s a stubborn hellion, unwilling to bend an inch and defying Grant at every turn. With an unassuming smile Divina can bring him to his knees, making her his ultimate weakness.

They have a bittersweet and tumultuous history that neither can forget. Will love be enough to overcome the sins of the past once and for all?

Find out what happens when a cultured heiress literally collides with a blue-collar guy from the streets of Baxter Park.

Well, that’s all for now. As stated, Winner Takes All is a work in progress. If you’ve yet to visit the island of Kismet Cove in the Pacific Northwest, please check out my Circle of Friends Series! Get to know the group of friends dubbed the “Kismet Cove Six” at .99 cents a book until 4.15.18!

Warm Regards,

22 thoughts on “Last author in the world to get a blog? *raises hand slowly*

  1. CJ says:


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  2. Divisionred says:

    Thank you for the synopsis of the next book in the series. The times that Grant and Divina have appeared together in the series has been explosive can thus far.. yeah that they are up next. Thanks

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  3. Lashawnda Major says:

    So looking forward to this book!!! I love all that you put out so I know I will not be disappointed!! Congrats on the Blog I’m sure to be a frequent visitor!!

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  4. EJ Kimble says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop. I am looking forward to this couple’s journey. I just may revisit the Circle of Friends for fun. The wait will be worth it as always.

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    1. dayoungwrites says:

      You’re very welcome! Yes, take a trip back to Kismet Cove! Please make sure to update the books in your Amazon account if you haven’t but bought before 3.30.18. They now include the links to playlists. Enjoy!


  5. Bev says:

    Love your work D.A and I’m so looking forward to reading about Grant and Davina, they seem like the couple that’s going to have me in my feelings, emotionally and physically;, I literally cannot wait to read their story and catch up with the rest of their friends.

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