2019 is right around the corner!


Today’s post is short but sweet, and I’m so here for it! Not to go off topic, but a dancing Brad Pitt isn’t a bad way to get your Monday started, right? I taught him that move. Kidding.

I’ve got meet-and-greets on my mind for 2019!

I’m relinquishing my leisure wear (okay, fine, pajamas), stepping out of my writing cave, and showing my face. MAJOR steps for an introvert like me.  I recently made a Facebook post requesting everyone’s location and the feedback was amazing! You’ve definitely given me tons of options to consider. Thank you so much for your participation. I hope all of you will be as excited to see me as I am to see you!

While I’m deciding on where we should meet, I wanted you to know that there’s one event that I’ve already committed to for 2019. Click the link below to find out what it is and who else will be in attendance. Note to self: bring two inhalers. I mean, seriously, because the chances of me straight up fangirling and hyperventilating are a 100% given, lol! I hope to see you in the Big Easy! 😉

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great week!

Warm Regards,


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