Partying Romankov Style


It’s been a minute, so I hope you’re doing great! Busy, busy over here with revamping, formatting, and writing. I’m nowhere near ready to discuss Holt & Kat’s adventure; however, I will share this snippet, in case you missed the temporary Facebook post last year during the holidays.



I really can’t stay
Baby it’s cold outside
I’ve got to go away
Baby it’s cold outside

Snow fell steadily outside, thickening the already covered ground and trees, and creating a winter wonderland. Inside the Romankov estate, guests – consisting of business associates, friends, and family were warm and cozy as they mingled, noshed, and drank merrily while festive music enhanced the holiday ambience. They were completely unaware that their normally attentive host and hostess had abandoned them for more intimate activities.

“Am I crushing you, my love?”

The concerned question was a rough whisper in Vivienne’s ear. She smiled dreamily as Alexei nipped her earlobe then delicately traced the shell with his tongue.

“Mmm, wasn’t that your plan, Lex?” she sighed into his ear, her nails scoring through his already disheveled locks. “Don’t act like bossing me around isn’t your favorite thing to do, husband. You forget how long we’ve known each other. We both know that you live to try and dominate me.”

Alexei’s shoulders shook with silent laughter as he drew back to peer down at his beloved wife. Vivienne presented an alluring vision, sated and naked across his cognac leather sofa, with her black curls spread out underneath her. Honey skin glowing with happiness and the effects of their lovemaking. Her eyes were overflowing with tenderness as she looped her arms around his neck and gazed up at him adoringly.

Vivi looked exactly as she was supposed to as Alexei’s better half, a content and thoroughly cherished woman. She was his goddamn world, and her love humbled him like nothing else could. Alexei had killed for Vivienne and would readily do so again in the blink of an eye to keep her safe. His breath caught, thinking of how close a call it’d been with her and Stuart Royce. Swiftly he lowered his head, lest she see the gloss of tears in his eyes.

My mother will start to worry
Beautiful, what’s your hurry
My father will be pacing the floor
Listen to the fireplace roar

“As usual, you’ve got it all wrong, my sweet Vivi.”

Alexei’s lips trailed along Vivienne’s jawline and followed the elegant lines of her neck and clavicles before he lowered his head. Palming her breasts in his hands, Alexei captured a dusky aureole between his lips. He loved her body’s honest response to him. The way her nipple pebbled as his tongue curled around it. Gently he bit down on the silken bud and was rewarded with Vivienne’s throaty cry of pleasure. It was a symphony to Alexei’s ears as she arched into him, seeking more of his mouth’s attention.

 “There is no try in dominating you,” he murmured. “I simply do, as I am about to demonstrate once more, wife. Now, shh! Your complete attention is required for the task at hand.”

Vivienne’s giggle ended in a helpless whimper as Alexei devoted his attention to both of her breasts, lavishing them with his lips, tongue, and teeth while positioning himself at her ready opening once more. Her Russian was about to put it on her, and Vivienne had absolutely no objections. How she loved this man! Alexei was her strength, her rock, and she would follow him to the ends of the Earth if he ever tried to leave her.

The last month of trying to find her blackmailer and the danger she’d been put in as he closed in on Vivienne, had put a terrible strain on their marriage. The guilt that Alexei tortured himself with from now knowing he was the catalyst for all the hurt and anguish his wife, her deceased best friend, Moira Sullivan, and their children, had suffered because of him had added even more turbulence to their already rocky marriage. Fearing Vivi might leave him once more, was the reason Alexei swept her away to his study, which resulted in their current impromptu lovemaking session.
However, that was all behind them now.

Stuart Royce and his brother Bradan were now dead. Alexei had seen to it that they endured as much pain and suffering as they’d caused him and his loved ones. Husband and wife were back together, and in agreement that no one would ever come between them ever again.

“I love how easily you take the bait, babe,” Vivienne purred, slowly undulating her hips, and suctioning the crown of his erection into her welcoming heat. Alexei swore harshly as Vivienne deliberately tightened her muscles around him.

“And I love how easily you take my cock, Mrs. Romankov,” Alexei arrogantly informed her, lifting his head to capture her lips in a fiercely possessive kiss as he surged into her once more.

Triumphantly, Alexei swallowed her scream of ecstasy, as he did indeed, dominate her wholly, losing his soul once more in the perfection of his wife.

I’ll post the continuation next Tuesday.

Have a great week!

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10 thoughts on “Partying Romankov Style

  1. Aimee Washington says:

    Yes!! So excited! The sniper was such a tasty appetizer! You know how I feel about the ROW! Your work is always on point and an inspiration!


  2. komapet says:

    That’s it. I can’t handle this. You’re toying with my emotions. I’m re-reading No Greater Love followed by Perfectly Imperfect. I deserve it. And at the rate that I’m devouring books whilst on my holiday, I can most certainly treat myself. This snippet just reminded me that life is too short to waste on books you’re simply not feeling. I need me some Vivi & Alexei to soothe my soul, and then I’m going to spoil myself rotten with the exploding chemistry between Sidra & Casey. Yes. I derserve it. Also, since it’s my first time reading it in Denmark, doesn’t it count as a first? I think it does.

    Haters can hate, but when you’ve suffered through a slew of ‘okay-ish’ titles back to back, you just need to be reminded of the magic that can flow from the pages by reading your favourites.

    😊 I already feel so much better. Let me make myself a cup of my cinnamon tea before I’m transported back to Russia.


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