Partying Romankov Part 2


I seriously love Darby & Avery Sullivan’s vibes the more I spend time with them, lol. I hope you’re having a great week! Enjoy!


“Well, look who finally decided to come up for air,” Darby kidded, as Vivienne and Alexei rejoined their party. “Everythin’ alright in there? You didn’t twist a hip or throw your back out, did you?”

Vivienne rolled her eyes at him, snuggling closer to an affronted Alexei as she came to his defense. “Little boy, please! You wish you had half the skills your daddy does! Between the sheets, my man is a -”

“Why?!” Jack, Darby, and Casey howled with identical, tormented expressions as Vivienne finished bragging.


While the women laughed and toasted each other, Ian grabbed two champagne flutes from a passing server and clinked glasses with a now mollified Alexei. “A happy wife means a happy life. Cheers to you, old friend. Salut!”

“You set yourself up good for that one, hon,” Avery teased her hubby.

Darby was too busy vigorously rubbing his eyeballs to immediately reply. He was trying to erase the appalling image Vivienne’s words had conjured up before they slid into his long-term memory.

Avery stifled a yawn, noting from her watch that it wasn’t even seven-thirty yet. Already, she was exhausted and ready to call it a night. At Darby’s concerned look, she gave a subtle shake of her head. He relaxed slightly, but Avery knew he was maintaining  low-key vigilance. The couple’s decision to keep their pregnancy to themselves for the first trimester was going to be a challenge with this astute group. Avery was going to try though. She was content to let Sid have center stage for the time being. Avery rather enjoyed sharing this treasured information with only her husband right now.

“Well hell, Ms. Avery, I didn’t think she was gonna do all that,” Darby finally grumbled, yet the twinkle in his green eyes belied his disapproving tone. “Why can’t she just be the nice little ol’ bible-study teacher and Nana instead of lettin’ her sparkly, freak flag fly high and proud?”

He noted the exhaustion in his pretty wife’s eyes but also the stubbornness. Avery had no idea how strong his protective instincts were kicking in right now. She allowed him to hover but point blank told him if he was smothering her. Avery would lose her marbles if she knew that Darby was actually reigning himself in. That if it were up to him, she’d be on lockdown twenty-four-seven and surrounded by bodyguards. It was killing him that Avery refused to let him do more than what she deemed necessary.

Darby couldn’t wait to get her home tonight. They’d listen to D.J.’s nightly recital of the five things he was thankful for, say prayers together then Darby would take Ms. Avery to bed and drive her crazy for a couple of hours. Afterward they would whisper-read “What To Expect While Expecting” before Avery dozed off with a serene smile on her lips.

Not Darby, though.

He was too hyped right now and overflowing with emotions to sit still. These days, he’d let his wife sleep while he wandered the house thinking of safety precautions they’d have to make for the baby. Eventually he’d wind up in the recliner in D.J.’s room, just watching his boy sleep. Darby used to think he would never have the blessings Jackie had in the form of a loving wife and family. He didn’t think it was in his cards. But man, had God shown up and out in his life! Darby hadn’t been forgotten, and the blessings just kept on coming. Before finding out about the baby, Darby honestly didn’t think his life could get any more perfect with his son and wife. Never had he felt so grateful to be proven wrong.

That’s all for now!

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