Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Mr. Brammer.


I hope you’re having a great week! As I stated on my Facebook page, it’s been hectic over here! My goal is to have all of Whiskey Row formatted and in paperback before book six comes out. It’s been a time-consuming and, at times, a frustrating process, but I’d rather get it right than have to start everything all over again. It’s also exciting, but I can’t lie; some days my eyeballs feel like they’re going to fall out.

However, I am committed to this project one hundred percent. As of now, all five books in the series have been revamped! The remaining three are just waiting for their scheduled makeover dates.  Holton Brammer & Katerina Romankov now have my undivided attention.

While I’m writing their adventure, waiting for my new cover (No words to express how EXCITED I am about this), and compiling my fall newsletter, please enjoy the snippet below!



“Exactly how long have I been in your inappropriate thoughts?” Kat wondered aloud. Tilting her head to the side, she examined Holt with an impish smile. “It’s time for you to level with me, babe.”

With a rueful shake of his head, he murmured, “I don’t know if you’re ready for that confession, love.”

Pressing his forehead to hers, Holt cupped her face with his hands and allowed Kat to see what he’d tried to tamper for so long. The intensity carved into his face and the flaring of his nostrils, made the laughter shrivel up in Kat’s throat. He was satisfied when her eyes widened in recognition, and the pulse in her throat thumped spastically, like a maddening techno beat. Holt’s thumb swiped over the irresistibly sweet curves of her cranberry glossed mouth before entering it. Immediately Kat’s eyelids fell half-mast, and her lips closed over the thick digit with a hum of pleasure that made his rigid cock jerk with primal hunger.

Transfixed by the change in her, Holt smiled sinfully when Kat’s velvet tongue flickered and swirled around his thumb suggestively, conjuring up the image of her lips sucking him into a vortex of mindless bliss. Of her bowing, arching, and bending any way Holt manipulated her body as she yielded to him and his insatiable demands. He could see the devilry lurking in Kat’s eyes and knew that they were on the same wavelength. Filthy minds were great ones, that did indeed, think alike.

Kat was dazzling, pure magic and all Holt had ever wanted. She had enough power in her little pinky to wield and control him, yet only used her powers for the greater good of just loving and accepting whom Holt was. Kat was goodness personified. The perfect balance of siren and angel. As her man, it was Holt’s job to help her maintain it. To make sure Kat’s halo never fell off. Knocked crooked and tarnished? As fuck, hell yeah, any chance Holt could get her alone, and writhing shamelessly for mercy on his dick, fingers, and mouth. But never gone.

Heads would roll before he ever allowed that shit to happen.


“All I’ll say, is that your brothers and daddy would slowly take me apart, piece by piece, if they knew,” Holt solemnly divulged. His lips brushed over hers teasingly. “Trust me, darlin’, you’d cry a river if they messed up anythin’ below my waist before we got to our weddin’ night.”

Enjoy your week!

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16 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Mr. Brammer.

    1. Vivian says:

      I am gonna need to read this on a cold, cold day in the winter, because this book is going to have the mercury rising!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥


  1. Cheryl George says:

    I can’t wait until it all comes to life, so I can get lost in there adventure. I’m going back and reread all of Whiskey Row Books!❤️❤️


  2. Yan says:

    Yay!!! Can’t wait to read Kat and Holt’s story. And looking forward to also reading Linc and Savvy’s story and who will be Charlie’s love interest? Waiting with baited breath.


  3. Charmaine Lindsay-Engdahl says:

    I’m on of those that just finish reading book 6 with Kat and Holt….. WOW! It was amazing. I wish to continue this series. I do hope there is a spin-off to this series.


  4. Vee Mac says:

    I have read all of the Whiskey Row books 1-6 in the last week. OMG, Beautiful. I loved each one and cannot wait for more. D.A. Young you are phenomenal. Please keep giving us these wonderful stories of these fabulous people.


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