To be…or not to be…together. That is the question!


I know, it’s been awhile, right? I hope you’re having an amazing summer. It’s winding down, and after suffering and dealing with some major setbacks, I’m solely focused on making my deadline to get The Ties That Bind 3 done! I’ve got other series characters popping up and can’t wait to dive in to their adventures as we venture into my favorite season…FALL(cue angels singing). You already know me for my multi-layered, multi-subplot dramas. TTTB3 is no different! We’ll be diving deep into the recesses of what makes these characters click and how they turned out that way.

Below is an excerpt from TTTB 3 featuring two of my favorite characters, Claudia Lawson and Marcus “Rage” Glover.


“Well, that can’t be comfortable,” Claudia drawled.

Marcus ignored the heat licking down his spine when her eyes lingered below his waist. With an imperceptible shake of his head, he replied, “Nope. We’re not going there, Satan.”

He slid back into bed and, after placing a pillow over his crotch, pulled Claudia into him, her back to his front. Marcus derived a wealth of satisfaction when she yielded immediately to him.

His beard tickled Claudia’s neck and she shivered reflexively, giving an exhausted half yawn-half laugh at his preemptive measure. “Now who’s the chicken, Rage?”

Marcus snorted, refusing to take the bait. His splayed hand tightened across her abdomen,  fingertips skimming over the lace-trimmed band of her panties. He chuckled deviously when the little ball-buster tensed up, her breath hitching with expectation.

“It’s Marcus.”

“Pardon?” Claudia mumbled. Sheltered in his arms, she was swiftly lulled into a blissful state. It boggled her mind that she’d shared a bed and her body with Slade for over two decades and had never imagined tranquility like this existed. She buried her face further into the pillow, comforted by Marcus’ warm, spicy scent cocooning her. Claudia didn’t even know who she was when he was around, but she liked being taken out of her comfort zone. Marcus was nothing like Slade. He was the right to her soon-to-be ex’s wrongs. Knowing that she could be open and trust in him not to hurt her, and siphon her pain like it was an aphrodisiac, gave Claudia a strong sense of security.

“When you’re in my arms and in my bed, I’m Marcus. Out there, I’m ‘Rage’. Don’t act like you don’t know the difference, woman,” he whispered into her ear.

Claudia’s eyes flew open, awareness humming through her body. Marcus buried his face in her hair, and she smiled at his appreciative sniff.  The gesture was almost as good as sex and the sweetest torture ever. They had no label and she wasn’t even sure if they had any type of future, but silently, Marcus was showing her in a million ways how a real man appreciated a woman. She liked hearing his heartbeat and feeling it so close to her own. With him, Claudia wasn’t lost. She didn’t feel like she was too difficult to love. That type of manifestation was as therapeutic as it was empowering. It was honest and real, and assisted in unraveling the knots of insecurity Claudia had carried far too long in her soul.

“I stand corrected. Goodnight…Marcus.”


In other news, The Ties That Bind Series has received a makeover! New look and the stories have been revamped. If your covers do not look like the ones below, you’ll be missing out on some potentially key info when Book 3 arrives. Update those Kindles today, and if you haven’t yet read the series, what are you waiting for?! 😉


Well, that’s all for now! Enjoy your week!

Warm Regards,


16 thoughts on “To be…or not to be…together. That is the question!

  1. Patricia Haines says:

    I hope things are better for you now. Regarding the major setbacks.. we all have them at one time or another. I know you will/are doing what you have to do. Please know theat your fans are here for you always. We ♥️u.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shaunette says:

    You are simply phenomenal at what you do lady. Patience is a virtue so I wait patiently while you overcome life’s setback. You got this girl. Sending love and hugs to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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