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How are you doing? I hope this week has brought you happiness that overflows, good news that lights up your spirit, and tons of laughter. Giggles are good, but I’m talking about side-splitting laughs that make your belly ache and you can barely catch your breath. Find joy where you can because this is a strange time we’re experiencing, am I right? Anyone else’s days fluctuate between being happy, lifted, and clearheaded to mentally exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated?

I’ll admit Easter was tough for me. Ugh. It hit me at two in the morning that for the first time in my life, I wouldn’t be gathering around my parents’ dinner table with the rest of my family. Yeah, no words to describe that epic meltdown, so I’ll focus on gratitude instead.

Essential workers: THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. You are proof that not all superheroes wear capes. My husband and youngest son fall in this category, and I’m so damn proud and endlessly grateful for them and everyone else going above and beyond to keep our communities running efficiently and safely. You are deeply appreciated. Please be careful out there. 

Okay, here we go!


The Baymoor Series has received a facelift and is making its debut in audio! The books are being read by the talented Mari and I simply adore how she’s bringing them to life. The Farmer & The Belle and Lost & Found are ready for your listening pleasure. Take a Chance on Me and Time, Love & Tenderness are coming next month. To celebrate, I’ve been doing Facebook giveaways on release days, so make sure to check out my page. I’d hate for you to miss out on the chance to win some cool prizes🤗

TTTB Series finale is still a work in progress. I’ve just about completed the first section of it. Yes, you read that right. Whew! It’s shaping up to be just as big as Part One. I’ve got some seriously chatty characters here, lol. Oh, the places we’ll go in this adventure! I’ll continue to keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s a snippet.


TTTB Book 3 – Part One is now available in paperback and contains bonus content!  If you’ve purchased the eBook and do not have sunflower chapter headers, please update. 

UPDATED - The Ties That Bind - 3 - D.A. Young - E-Cover

After TTTB, I’ve got a miracle to perform in Kismet Cove  and Cruz Merada’s story is coming too. It is a spin-off, standalone adventure that will feature familiar faces from Whiskey Row. To those inquiring about more from that particular series, I sincerely appreciate and reciprocate the love, but I’ve left it in a good place for now. All We Ever Needed gave updates on beloved couples. Babies with elephant gestation periods were finally born (lol), and the air of mystery surrounding Holt’s background and family was lifted. Everything is great in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Regarding my unicorn couple, Guy & Fern, unfortunately, I don’t have enough for the story they deserve. I wish that wasn’t the case but as soon as that changes, I’ll be all over them! For now, you can catch up with them in Time, Love & Tenderness.

That just about covers everything for now. I’ll be sending out my newsletter featuring my cover and synopsis of TTTB Book 3 Part Two soon. Take care❤️

Warm Regards,





12 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Sharon Curry says:

    Thanks D.A. please thank your family for all that they do. These are perilous times for us all. Having good books to read helps a lot to get through day to day living. Thank you for great writing abilities. I have reread all the books again except for the biker series. Take care and thank you again.


    1. D. A. Young says:

      HI Sharon! Please excuse my delayed response! I thought I had commented. Yes, you are correct. These are perilous times. I passed on your message and my family is grateful for your support. I hope you and your family is safe and in good spirits. A always, thank you for enjoying the adventures<3 🙂


  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you Mrs Young for every last book and I am waiting on everything else you got from Tennessee Baymoor and Kismet Cove!! Love ❤️ them!!!


  3. CHERYL TAYLOR says:

    Love your books! Authors like you have made this quarantine bearable!! Waiting for Tommy & Jades story. Wishful thinking or a definite possibility?


    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hi Cheryl! That’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you so much for enjoying the adventures❤️Tommy & Jade are not wishful thinking. As a matter of fact, I just approved my cover for them😉


  4. Katheryn Prunty says:

    Thank you for writing such wonderful stories…with characters that are real and remind you of people you know. Thank you for keeping my mind off this COVID mess and helpong me get through my days. You are a blessing and I appreciate your work.


  5. Lucille Green says:

    D.A. YOUNG,
    Audible books recommended your book to me and I was not disappointed. The men of “THE ROW” held me captured for 6 straight books. What a dynamic, moving, poignant, soul stirring group. Please give us one more to see how Viv is handling her Mom arriving in town. You have a true fan in me.
    On to your next series of books.

    Warmest Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hi Lucille! Wow! That’s over 50 hours! Thank you so much for giving the series a chance 🙂 You can find out how Vivienne and Lalita are doing in the Whiskey Row spin-off Ruin Me, which is Cruz Merada & Zafira Wilder’s book. It is also available on audio. Take care ❤


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