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Watch yourself, a**hole. This is my f*cking house, and you haven’t been officially invited in,” Zafira warned. “Stand down and hand that piece of sh*t over.”

She kept her eyes locked on him and the Glock pressed to her captive’s temple as they faced off. Cruz’s left eye twitched at her profanity laced demand. Meanwhile, the blade in his hand spun faster until it was a blur.

“That’s not an option, senorita. However, what I can do, is allow you to walk away unscathed…if you drop your weapon and release my friend. Otherwise, you’ll be investing in an eyepatch. I recommend a sparkly one to brighten your rather sour disposition.”

Zafira sucked her teeth at his jab. “Try it and she’ll be pink mist. Ashcher Basir is mine,” she coolly informed him.

“Then why is he in my custody, hmm?” Cruz taunted.

He was searching his stunning adversary for signs of weakness yet detected none. This was second nature to her. Her relaxed posture, steady hand, and certainty in those pretty eyes exuded nothing but confidence. Staring into them, Cruz experienced another jolt of déjà vu, which was strange as they’d never met. Or had they? No, he was certain they hadn’t. The agent wasn’t the type of woman a man would easily forget.

Fed up with the drama, Zoraida intervened. “Wow. I bet no one woke up this morning expecting to be in this predicament, am I right? Especially yours truly. By the way, Agent Wilder, I may have had a mini heart attack when you went waaay off script and pulled your gun on me. I thought that would be a fun fact for you to share with an EMT, just in case I, you know, lose consciousness.”

They ignored her. Exasperated by their stubbornness, she tried again. “Okay, enough! How about we simply take a breather and calm down? Cruz, give him to her, please. It’s fine, I swear. Agent Wilder has a bigger stake in punishing that monster and guaranteed me the end result will be the same.”

He snorted derisively. “Not a chance, Rai. I intend to complete the job you hired me for and be fully compensated.”

Zoraida winced. “Um, yeah, about that…Technically, you volunteered your services and I accepted, remember?”

Aghast, Cruz lowered his weapon and shifted his focus to her, frowning. “Mierda! So, I’m not even getting paid for this?!”

“Well, isn’t this an embarrassment of riches for your cocky ass,” Zafira snickered, relishing in this plot twist.

He redirected his attention back to her and she took perverse pleasure in his dilemma and the alarming rate his face was reddening. Again, Zafira was struck by his attractiveness, even when apoplectic, steam practically shooting from his ears.

“Why do you want him? Give me one good reason and perhaps I’ll deign to consider releasing him into your custody, senorita.”

Zafira’s humor vanished. A violent fury pulsed in its place. Mounting by the second, it threatened to incinerate the space they occupied. She was exhausted from years of carrying this corrosiveness. The entity kept her in limbo, feeding on her fragile state of mind and soul. Only vengeance could destroy it once and for all. Zafira had spent an eternity methodically clearing the path for this moment. She refused to be denied victory now that it was finally within her grasp.

“I’ll give you three. Basir murdered my parents and fiancée.”


Yes, you will see the Sullivans and play catch up with their sweet craziness but this adventure is obviously more about the Romankovs, Vivienne in particular, and their ties. I can’t stress this enough. It’s a slow burn love story that includes answers regarding her parentage and The Butcher’s connection to Valencia / Lalita and her history.

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Well, that’s all for now.

Stay safe and in good spirits ❤

D. A. Young

15 thoughts on “ICYM my latest newsletter…

  1. tigger1058 says:

    Long time no see D.A. !!! Your true fans know you’ve been busy. Hoping you’re staying safe and have enough milanos😀😀. We will be waiting for Cruz😁 story!!!

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  2. Elle says:

    You are such an amazing writer. I’m so excited for this book. I love me some hate to love relationships. I also love how you identify and have a relationship with your characters. You are the best. I cannot wait for their story! Your books have been a part of what has gotten me through this pandemic.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. smittybiz40mm says:

    So great to hear from you again Lady Young. I love your writing style especially when it comes to the Sullivans, Romankovs and Baymoor clans. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to get my hands on “Ruin Me.” Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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