Cedric and Valencia Prt. 2 – Reunited and it feels so awkward…


As promised, a final snippet from RUIN ME. Enjoy!


“When I brought Vivienne home, I hardly slept a wink! Not because she was a fussy baby but that I was still unable to process her own mother rejecting her, Valencia. You pulled some cold-hearted sh*t and I hated your *ss for doing that to us.”

“My disappearance had to be unquestionable, Cedric. It was meticulously orchestrated because any error would guarantee danger.”

“I mourned you for years! Years! That’s how firmly you were lodged in my heart and mind! I had no clue who to be without you.”

“I lost a hell of a lot too! I knew the consequences and chanced the risk with you anyway, my eyes wide open. However, let’s be transparent here. I’m asking forgiveness for hurting you, not the choices I made to protect my loved ones,” she clarified bluntly, swiping at her wet cheeks.

Cedric remained unimpressed, his handsome face set in unforgiving lines.

“Yeah, I guess that’s your core belief and you’re sticking to them guns, then. Well, I hope it gives you great comfort. There are some things that only God can forgive. This falls under that category. If you want to get to know Vivienne, do so. However, for your sake, I hope you didn’t return to play with my family’s emotions. If so, it would be universally unwise. They’re loyal to a fault. Betray or hurt her or Kat and they’ll rally behind them and hunt you to the ends of the earth and scorch it in the process with Alexei leading the charge.”

Valencia lifted her chin stubbornly, undaunted. “Your suspicion is warranted, Cedric, but my intentions aren’t nefarious. I come in peace.”

“Yet, you’ve caused nothing but havoc,” he retorted sardonically. “Goodbye and best of luck finding your other grandkids, Valencia.”

Well, that’s all for now!

Stay safe and in good spirits ❤

D. A. Young

4 thoughts on “Cedric and Valencia Prt. 2 – Reunited and it feels so awkward…

  1. Sharon says:

    I can’t wait to read this book. I want to know why she left Cedric to raise their daughter I can’t wait to find out why Cedric said good luck in finding your other grand children. Thanks for the snippet.


  2. Debra Hughes says:

    OKAY, I’m pre-ordering now! And let me just tell you; I been waiting patiently and I know I will not be disappointed. Um, other grandchildren??? I’m hoping you mean Ruby, her brother (who probably bigger than her by now), and her cousins? Now if there are other kids; you done pulled a fast one on us. You keep us on our toes. I know them characters don’t tell you everything. Sometimes, they hold on and tell you when you not expecting a lil secret you didn’t know (lol). Well, if it has anything to do with her boys and their kids, yeah I don’t think she will betting too close anytime soon. LOL Thank you for making these characters real to many of your fans.


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