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Happy Fall, Y’all!

You know I had to do it, lol.

I’m praying this email finds you well. These are bizarrely unprecedented times that we’re navigating through, so I hope you’re giving yourself grace and space to sort things out. Over here, things are…happening. Summer is finally gone! I do not love the warmer seasons, nor the heat and humidity they bring. Give me all the trimmings and moodiness of autumn and winter. The weather has finally fallen below 100 hundred degrees, my stock of candles are lit, and soon, the insects will be sent right back to the depths of hell where they belong.

School’s (kicking my ass all over the place) keeping me too occupied to doom-scroll Facebook. I miss you guys but not the bots, spam, or trolls. Unfortunately, this now applies to emails / messaging too. Writing is currently down to three times a week and I’m seizing the day with early morning sessions. So, between wrapping up Tommy & Jade and hopefully, Linc & Savvy by the year’s end, carving out time for self-care and family, I’m fine, everything’s fine…

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Tommy and Jade have commandeered this story from me. They own these pages and my entire heart. Jade is such a sweetheart. She’s not Louella Kemp but don’t make her show you that other side, you know? Tommy, Tommy, Tommy…whew! He breaks my heart something fierce. In the beginning, like many of you, I was feeling some type of way about him. But now…well, I’ll let you judge for yourself. I’m not here to make you love characters or adventures. My only goal is bringing the story to life and this couple right here owes me dust! Check out the cover and synopsis below.

Abomination. That’s what Thomas Brewster’s father decreed him before he took his first breath. He’d always feared it to be true, then fate sent him a blessing in the form of his first love, Louella Kemp. They were inseparable and planned to spend forever together. The NBA superstar was on top of the world. Until the unthinkable happened. In the blink of an eye, he lost everything, proving the curse was real.

Recluse. It’s what Tommy has become. Now, his appearance reflects the stigma on his soul, and he’s determined to live out his days in self-imposed exile. That is, until the night she shows up in his garden. Jade Davies, his ex-best friend’s little sister, is a line Tommy can’t cross, no matter how enticing. He’s fighting several battles, except, this is one he’s destined in losing to the spirited artist. There are a million reasons why they won’t work but only one that will conquer them all – love.

*I don’t own the pics. Edit by T. E. Black Designs*


The Carlton Siblings collection is now a one-stop, shopping bundle for your convenience! This also includes a holiday bonus – Time, Love & Tenderness which is just in time for fall. Currently available in kindle version only.  

Here’s some more exciting news! Second Chances, book one in the Circle of Friends Series is now available in audio! You can purchase on Amazon through the “Adventures” section of this site. Also, I shared a concern last year for some of my remaining couples whose stories I promised but haven’t written and the fear of them growing stagnant. I’m happy to report progress is being made! Below are the only couples I’m focused on, and frankly, I’m not trying to add more to an already full plate.

  • Tommy & Jade
  • Savvy & Linc
  • Fern & Guy
  • Emir & Kendra

Lastly, if you plan on purchasing any signed adventures as gifts, please place your orders with me sooner rather than later and label your email HOLIDAY. The cutoff date is 11/8/21. Last year was a smooth success but the book industry supply is currently facing numerous challenges / shortages. Publishers of all sizes are reporting significant printing issues and delays in delivery. My deadline should allow me time to correct any errors and ensure a timely arrival.

Well, that’s all for now. Please stay safe, well, and in good spirits.


D. A. Young

6 thoughts on “News You Can Use

  1. Sharon Curry says:

    Hi D. A., thanks for the news letter. I like Fall too. So far the weather in Boston has been beautiful. I am looking forward to reading the new books. I hope you continue to enjoy peace and prosperity. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hi Sharon! You are very welcome. I bet Boston in the fall is a gorgeous sight to behold! I just might have to add that to my Bucket List. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the new adventures. Thank you for your well wishes, the same to you ❤


  2. Lynay says:

    You never miss!!! I just finished Winner Takes All. I scrambled to your blog to get an eta on Tommys and Lincolns stories. I can’t wait


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