Who’s ready for a brand new adventure?

As I stated in December’s newsletter, mature couples have been on my mind lately. This particular couple was created in 2018 but I knew I had other stories to finish first. However, they refused to be patient and wait their turn. Their story nagged me to the point that I reorganized my calendar to make room for them, lol. I’m so, so glad that I did!

In my first release of 2022, THIS TIME AROUND, you’ll meet the Bishops – Karim and Darcy and their daughters, Rowan and Corinne. Here’s what you need to know about this story. The former football player and retired broadcast journalist and television host were once happily married. Then life got in the way and they wound up getting divorced. Realizing they’re still in love with each other years later, Karim and Darcy are in need of a second chance to get things right. With a little parent trapping from their daughters, they just might succeed.

This is book one in the Bishop Family Novella Series and considered a short for me at close to 27K words. I love this family! They’re flawed, funny, messy, and real. I hope you’ll enjoy them too. The adventure will be releasing soon. This series consists of a mix of HEA’s and Happy For Right Now. The books can also be read as *gasp* standalones.


Tommy & Jade are coming in February. Their story is now available for preorder ! A lovely reader on Facebook asked for the excerpt from last fall’s newsletter. I’ve added it below.

EXCERPT © 2022 D. A. Young

*unedited / subject to change*

“I like Jade. She’s sweet with a kind, wholesome vibe. Her energy certainly brightens up your place,” Winnie announced.

She yanked a set of curtains back, allowing light into the dark study and coughed at the cloud of dust she’d stirred up.

“Lord knows you could use it. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Tommy’s snort and eyeroll earned him a quizzical look from over her shoulder. Hell no, he didn’t agree. There was nothing ‘wholesome’ about Jade Davies. Her eyes sparkled a little too mischievously to be deemed innocent. She had dimples cavernous enough for an unsuspecting victim to fall headfirst into whenever they popped and that mouth of hers…those damn pouty lips…were entirely too tempting for Tommy to stop wondering what they’d feel like underneath his. And her scent. What was it exactly? Some sort of floral and heady musk mixture that reminded him of the garden and fit Jade to a tee.

Lush, beautiful, and uninhibited.

“Hellooo? Earth to Tommy?” Winnie prompted.

“My bad,” he muttered, embarrassed to be caught daydreaming. “Yeah, she’s something alright.”

Trouble with a capital T.

And if he was smart, Tommy would continue avoiding her at all costs.

Well, that’s all for now!


D. A. Young

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