It’s all about the Bishops!


I’m keeping things short and sweet by simply sharing what readers are saying about my latest release, THIS TIME AROUND .


Meet Karim & Darcy Bishop. They were once happily married. Then life got in the way. Years later, they’re reunited by a special circumstance. Realizing they’re still in love with each other, the duo is in dire need of a second chance to get their love story right. With a little parent trapping from their daughters, they just might succeed. *This novella contains mature language and love scenes.*

“This inviting novella gives you a peek into Karim & Darcy Bishop’s love story. A quick glance at their beginning and life together. I like how we see some of the factors that attributed to their breakup. Giving us a pictured look into their previous relationship. Darcy’s, laser focus on her career and childhood memories that account for some of her decisions. Karim not willing to seek help at Darcy’s request. Karim & Darcy’s grown children’s endearing schemes to get their parents back together. An interesting storyline that has you chuckling, engagingly drawing you into the Bishop family dynamics. Along with chemistry that sizzles, settle in and enjoy the book. I look forward to reading the Bishop family novellas.”

“D.A. Young has delivered another outstanding literary work of art. I enjoyed reading about a second chance romance from the perspective of a mature couple, Darcy and Karim where spectacular! I look forward to reading more about the Bishop family.”

“OMG, Ms. Young has done it again. This is a novella that you will not regret! It is full bodied and satisfying. Yes, I know I just described a wine, but CHILE it was GOODT! Ms Young is thorough with Karim and Darcy’s background and how things fell apart for them. I enjoyed their journey back to each other🥰 You will fall in love with Karim and Darcy. Their chemistry is off the charts🔥🔥🔥 The sex scenes, OOOWEEE! Karim had me laughing with his love for HIS women, cue the story with Fox🤣 He forever held a torch for Darcy😍 Their daughters, Rowan and Corinne, are too funny. I CANNOT wait for Corinne’s story next.
So if you want a sweet novella that has laughs, S-E-X, and holiday cheer you have to give this a shot. You will not regret it (I said that 2x, so I mean it😆)”

“I have fallen in love with the Bishops and I’m patiently waiting on the next book!! I was in love with the second chance that these two were given!!”

“Two people who never should have divorced reunite for the holiday with the help of their children. A grownup parent trap in the works.”

If you haven’t read it yet, hopefully, these reviews will convince you to give this fun-loving bunch a chance. I wish I could’ve shared more reviews, unfortunately, Amazon is holding them hostage because, apparently, that’s a thing *cue the hardest of eyerolls*.

UPDATE: As of 1/16/22 more reviews are being reflected. 11 out of 30 are available. *SIGH…*

Anyway, thank you so much to all who have read and enjoyed ❤

As previously stated, the BISHOP FAMILY SERIES will consist of four novellas containing a mix of HEA’s and “Happy For Right Now” adventures.

Well, that’s all for now!

Stay safe and in good spirits,

D. A. Young

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