Checking In


By now you should have received my latest newsletter, read up on all the drama, and are now caught up with the status of Save The Date. Check your spam / junk mail too. My apologies for any typos. If you’re not signed up, you can do so on the Contact Tab to stay in the loop. I won’t go into it again. Simply recapping it was exhausting enough, lol. Just know that things are happening. I’ll continue to keep you posted. ❤


Look who got a makeover! This Time Around is now available in paperback. Content has been added / updated. If you purchased, you can manage in your Amazon account to retrieve. This will also be in audio! Date is TBD.


All signed paperbacks will be $10(unless already under). Since I’m rarely in my DM’s, orders must be emailed to me directly. The timeframe given is contingent upon me receiving everything and sending out to you in a timely manner. I’ve gotten several preorders since the newsletter was sent yesterday. This goes fast and when it’s done, it’s done, so obviously, the sooner the better works best. 🙂

It’s Jack & Noelle’s anniversary! Whiskey Row, the series that started it all, is available in ebook, paperback, & audio!

Looking for a small-town series with fall elements? Look no further! Especially with Time, Love & Tenderness. This novella has all the seasonal feels! It’s perfect for Save The Date preparation! I’m extremely partial to the audio. I highly reccomend you find a cozy spot and give it a listen!  The Baymoor Series is available in ebook, paperback & audio.

This month is also my seven-year anniversary as an author. I’m incredibly blessed that I still have stories to share and get so excited at the prospect of doing so with you. I’m grateful for you, my community, and also your support. Thank you so much for enjoying the adventures. I take nothing for granted. Until next time ❤

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