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It’s been a minute! I hope all is well.


If you purchased Save The Date before 4/20, please update in the Manage Your Content and Devices section! Amazon should have sent this email out but readers are saying they did not receive it.

Touch Base:

I’m working on three projects. This is where I’m at with two of them. The third, well…let’s just say I want to fight it up real good. We are not friends right now.

Baxter Park –  Like book 1, book 2 will be broken down into past / present. I’m more than halfway done with Savvy & Linc, but I can’t send off until mid-late July anyway. For so long, I’ve had the title Simply Complicated in my head for this couple, but things are changing as I write. Now I’m torn between three titles! IDK. We might have to take a vote on this one.

Bishop Family Series – This Time Around will be coming to audio 7//4/23, so you’ll get Christmas on 4th of July! Book 2, Playing For Keeps, is Cori & Adonis’ story. It’s just about done! This couple is so cute together. I love that he falls first. The next newsletter will be all about them. It will feature their cover, blurb, and a sample.

*This is my novella series. If the shorts aren’t your jam, feel free to choose another, more lengthy adventure from my catalog.

Baymoor SeriesTake A Chance On Me audiobook, Graham & Annabelle’s adventure, is on sale until 5/26/23.


Asked by his sister to find her old friend Annabelle Gaines, Graham Carlton becomes fascinated with the woman in the photo. Obsessed with finding her, ensuring her safe return, but most importantly, claiming her as his own.

Annabelle has been on the run from one man’s brutality and never expected to find a savior in another. Graham Carlton’s intensity, and virility should’ve scared her. Instead, his bold, domineering nature challenges, infuriates, and arouses Annabelle in ways she hadn’t deemed possible.

Journey along with man of mystery Graham Carlton and veterinarian Annabelle Gaines as they find a way to make their relationship work in Baymoor, Maryland. Don’t miss the chance to meet new characters, and catch up with some of the town’s interesting residents along the way.

*This is the third book in the Carlton Siblings trilogy.

News You Can Use:

FacebookI’ve finally created a page for book chats! Yay, me! It only took me a gazillion years, lol. That’s okay. I’ll take the wins, big or small. I’m calling it D. A. Young’s Day 1’s! Give me a minute to make things nice and pretty for you before I send out invites.

2023 Audio releases and dates so far:

7/4 This Time Around

10/10 Somewhere To Bloom

12/26 Save The Date

Well, that’s all for now!


D. A. Young

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