Full Circle Moment

This Mother’s Day I’m thinking of those who’ve lost children or their own mother, those with strained relationships with their children or mothers, those who are yearning to be mothers, and those who’ve decided not to be mothers. Whether you choose to celebrate the occasion or not, I’m sending love and happiness your way. I hope you enjoy your day. Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

Today I’m sharing a look into parenthood for Max & Georgie. Enjoy!


Baymoor, MD

Cinnamon Farms was the largest farmstead in Maryland.

Bordered by ribbons of white fences, it stretched out over masses of rolling, grassy acres. Overlooking it in the distance, a hundred-year-old, sprawling, farmhouse stood proudly. The homestead was as warm and welcoming as it appeared, and like the land it was built on, steeped in rich history. Tucked away in the master suite on the second floor of it, Georgina Hayes sat on a loveseat staring down at the bundle of joy nestled at her breast. She gave a smile of happiness tinged with relief when her ten-week-old son’s eyelids finally stopped fluttering as he drifted off to sleep, allowing his thick lashes to rest on his downy cheeks. Georgie’s moment of victory was quickly followed by a yawn and tired rub of her eyes for Grayson Nathaniel Hayes, who was an absolute delight, refused to get his days and nights straight.

“Alright, Mr. Party Animal; you’ve been changed and fed generously. Let’s see if I can at least get a three hour nap out of you,” she whispered. “I need to go check on your big sister and see what she’s been up to.”

The temptation to sleep when he did was strong, except Georgie hadn’t seen her daughter yet today and quite frankly, it was making her antsy. She’d strained her ears, listening for a peep somewhere in the house but got nothing, which was odd, because like the roosters on the farm, little Lauryn was an early riser. As a matter of fact, most mornings she woke up in a cheerful mood, crowing the house down in tune with her feathered friends at a jarringly loud volume.

Her sweet girl couldn’t say mama for nothing but was fluent in fowl of all things, Georgie thought fondly as she yawned again.

She brushed her fingers lovingly through Grayson’s tight, black curls and bent to kiss his nose. Her heart flipped over when he lolled his head to the side and stretched his full pink lips apart in an adorable smirk. The gesture revealed his secret weapon – a pair of irresistible dimples.

“Oh, you are going to be an absolute heartbreaker, aren’t you, Gray?” Georgie laughed softly, falling in love with him all over again. A trick she only repeated a thousand times a day as she discovered new things about him. “Just like your ‘twinny-twin-twin’.”

He really was. From his dark, dreamy eyes and the shape of his eyebrows to the sienna brown of his smooth skin, her darling husband couldn’t deny this cherub even if he wanted to. As if she’d conjured him up, Max appeared in the doorway in all his heartbreakingly handsome glory.

“Good morning, love,” he greeted Georgina in his deep timbre, a tender smile for her and Grayson already in place.

Up since four this morning, he was already dressed for the day in a short-sleeve, western-style shirt, worn jeans, and cowboy boots. Secured in his arms and lying against his broad chest was their first miracle, Lauryn. Like Max, she’d been dressed for the day and was too cute for words in a peach eyelet romper and matching floppy hat. White sandals adorned her ‘popover’ feet as her daddy liked to describe them.  He insisted her puffy little feet reminded him of the light rolls. Spying her mommy, she gave a tiny wave that was accompanied by a toothy grin. Georgina’s heart contracted and then spilled over with love to have her entire world in one room.

She smiled back at them. “Good morning to you both. I was wondering where she was.”

Max experienced a tightening in his chest at the alluring picture his beautiful wife presented, so soft and lush with their son at her exposed breast and cast in the warmth of early golden rays sneaking through the closed blinds. His wife and children were the center of his universe. They were the true key to his happiness. Nothing outside of this room mattered, not even the beloved farm he’d dedicated his life to cultivating.

“You and Gray needed some rest, so I decided to take babygirl with me to see her little friends. She had a bottle and some fruit muesli for breakfast.”

“Ooh, did you see the chickens, lovebug? I bet you enjoyed that!”

Lauryn reacted to her mother with enthusiastic clapping and babbling while Max crossed the room to join them. He had to step around the furry tangle of Sherlock and Watson as they dozed in the center of the floor, emitting quiet snores. Since Grayson arrived home, the Australian shepherds protective instincts had kicked into overdrive. They were always in the vicinity, orbiting around the tiny newcomer. Georgie and Max were used to their behavior since Sherlock and Watson had been the same way when Lauryn came into the family’s lives. Upon reaching her, he bent to kiss her. His greedy gaze fastened momentarily on her ripe breast and the plump nipple their son’s mouth was still latched to. Max’s body grew taut with primal awareness in response to seeing his wife in such an organic state. He fought to repress those urges as his warm mouth captured Georgina’s. His tongue sliding sensuously against his wife’s drew tiny sighs of pleasure from her. Max’s free hand caressed their son’s head briefly before he broke contact and settled down next to her.

“She sure did. Miss Lauryn even got to feed them but not before trying to sample some of the feed herself, didn’t you, babygirl?” Max teased, chucking her little chin, and making her giggle.

“Babe, you remembered to –”

“Yes, I put sunscreen on her first. Betty would have had my head if I didn’t, and you would have already heard about it by now. As it is, I had to fight her for some quality time with my daughter,” Max shared with a wry smile.

Their housekeeper was over the moon about finally having babies in the house and loved them almost as much as Max and Georgie did. Betty fawned over Lauryn and Grayson, and never missed an opportunity to take one or both under her wing whenever possible.

“That woman is an absolute treasure, bless her heart.”

“Tuh. More like the president of the ‘Give Them Babies Whatever They Want Right Now’ Club,” Max quipped, stretching his long legs out.

Georgie laughed at the accuracy of his statement. “Don’t forget the ‘Tell Mimi Who Did It And I’ll Make Them Suffer’ Organization too.”

She tipped her chin to Lauryn who had both arms stretched out toward her. “Want to trade? I missed my best girl this morning.”

“Sure thing. I bet my guy ate like a king again, huh?”

“He’s definitely got his daddy’s appetite,” Georgina answered, only partially joking.

“My man!” Max boasted proudly, earning an eyeroll from her.

He removed Lauryn’s hat, revealing a cloud of sable coils and then placed her in between them while he carefully took Grayson from his wife. Georgina tidied herself up first before opening her arms. She laughed when their daughter launched herself into them eagerly, making herself comfortable in her mommy’s lap.

“Where is the time going, missy? You are getting so big,” Georgina murmured, cuddling Lauryn.

She watched as Max expertly swaddled Grayson and then tucked him into his side like a cozy football.

“You are a natural at this dad thing, babe. Not to mention that you make it look incredibly attractive.”

Georgina loved Max’s zest for fatherhood and watching him embrace it. The way he was in his element and super attentive to their children’s wants and needs, from late night-early morning feedings and bath times to simply stretching his big body out on the floor and playing with Lauryn or touring the farm with her. He was supremely patient and loving and fiercely protective of their brood. Simply put, Max was more than she’d dared to imagine or pray for in a partner.

He elevated an eyebrow and smirked at her devilishly. “Oh, you think so, huh?”

Georgina’s teeth sank into her bottom lip as she surveyed him through half-mast lids. “I do.”

“As in, you intend to prove it to me when both kids are asleep?” Max challenged, a wolfish gleam in his eye.

“Very much so, my love,” she promised, winking at him. “It might have to be a quickie with their sleep schedules, though.”

Max licked his lips smoothly as he studied his gorgeous wife, riveted by her beauty. Pregnancy and motherhood had added an ethereal glow to her aura and another layer of sumptousness to her already lush body. Georgie had already mentioned getting back into the dance studio to whittle some of it away, but Max cherished her present state and made no bones about vocalizing his praise.

“Haven’t I proven to you time and time again that I’ll take you any way that I can get you, wifey?” he inquired huskily.

Yes, he had indeed, Georgina thought, shivering under his smoldering look.

Being parents had only strengthened the bond between them and heightened the need to affirm it not only mentally for the utter joy and devastating sorrow they’d experienced in order to get here, but physically too. For instance, their latest ‘affirmation’ had occurred in the breezeway of the barn the evening before last. Max was working late. Being the considerate wife that she was, Georgina had decided to bring him dinner…wearing her latest ensemble from Feminine Intuition underneath her housecoat. Max took one look at the platinum colored lace barely covering her treasures and lust streamed through his system. His hot plate was quickly forgotten as he gathered his wife into his arms. One kiss led to another and before Georgie could blink, Max had her pinned to the wall and was firing his d*ick in and out of her with ferocious intent, going deeper into her depths with each snap of his hips. Bliss, intense and enduring had twined through her body, holding her hostage until she combusted, and he followed soon after. Reminiscing about their marital activities triggered a heat that coiled low in her belly and threatened to spread thougout her body. Georgina thought it prudent for their daughter’s sake to switch topics STAT.

“How’s work been this morning? I feel so out of the loop lately. Tell me what you’ve got going on today.”

“It’s been quiet so far. That will change shortly since there are three tours booked for today. Tavish is doing the first two. The last is the Young Black Farmers Association which is all me, baby! The Comfort Table is catering lunch for them in the great hall.”

“I love it! I know how you like to drop that knowledge on our young brothers and sisters. What’s Raymond featuring on the menu?”

“I just need them to know there’s generational wealth to create in this industry and support them however I can. Today they have a choice of turkey burgers or individual beef wellingtons, paired with french onion-mushroom soup and a mixed-green, seasonal stonefruit salad. Afterwards, they’ll attend the ‘Farm-To-Table’ panel featuring farmers from across the state. Nate will be co-hosting it with me…”

She cocked her head to the side, listening and studying this gorgeous, intelligent man of hers while he spoke. Max’s hands hadn’t stopped moving the entire time he’d been sitting. His hand splayed under Grayson, rubbed his back while his other hand alternated between tapping Lauryn’s toes affectionately, earning him approving giggles from her. Georgina hadn’t been kidding about Max and fatherhood. The new chapter had added a new tantalizing veneer of soft-sexy to him which only served to enhance his masculine beauty further.

“Why are you looking at me like that, wifey?”

“What? i can’t just enjoy looking at you?” Georgina grinned at him, not in the least bit ashamed to be caught gawking at her husband. “You act like me fangirling over here is a bad thing.”

Max gave a bashful laugh. “Nah, not at all. Just know that it’s a two-way street. You’re on the verge of opening three more boutiques overseas in addition to preparing for your second fashion show in New York in addition to being a top notch baby whisperer. I couldn’t be prouder of you and happier for you, Georgie.”

“Well, I had a remarkable blueprint in Aunt Val. She never gave up on me. I honestly have no clue who I’d be without her in my life.”

“Yes, she is incredible but you gotta give credit where it’s due, baby. You’re slaying motherhood and that’s an undeniable fact.”

“Thank you, Max,” she responded sincerely, blushing. “As someone who ran from the prospect of becoming a parent forever, that means the world to me.”

A creak came from above. Her stare lifted to the beautiful old wood beams of the ceiling. They were in almost every room of the farmhouse, supporting the house while adding character. They also served as a continuous reminder of the property’s antiquity. She’d always loved them, even as a kid. Her heart held fond yet occasionally forgotten memories of exploring this home that was now theirs.

“What’s on your mind, love?” Max prodded when she remained silent.

Her glossy eyes, full of nostalgia, found his again. “Nothing, babe. I’m just…having a full circle moment here. I roamed this place as a child and knew every familiar creak and noise behind these walls. To know my children now live here and will do the same is a simply a special kind of blessing. I can’t believe we’re actually getting to raise our own family here.”

Max leaned over and caught her hand ad squeezed it affectionately. “I agree, baby. We’ve undertaken so much professionally in such a short amount of time, but nothing makes me prouder and happier than what we’ve created here within these four walls.”

He stared deeply into the eyes of this beautiful woman who’d given him the adventure of a lifetime. A woman whom he’d been favored enough to call his wife as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed first her wedding band and then her knuckles reverently. 

“Thank you for taking this journey with me. I love you so much, Georgie.”

“I love you too.” She smiled at him, her eyes shining with grateful tears at the husband she adored beyond measure. “Trust me; there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, Max.”

I hope you enjoyed this snippet.

P. S. – A friendly reminder that if you purchased Save The Date before 4/20 and haven’t updated your copy, please do so! A bonus chapter was added. I’d hate for you to miss out!

New shows I really enjoyed – Will Trent, So Help Me Todd, The Recruit, Poker Face, Shrinking, The Night Agent, BEEF, and Animal Control (seriously underated!).

Shows I need to regroup in therapy possibly for the rest of my life – Snowfall. Helluva send off but…Whyyyyy?!

What you can look forward to from me next – Playing For Keeps. Please see previous post for context.

Well, that’s all for now!


D. A. Young

10 thoughts on “Full Circle Moment

  1. locs20 says:

    Love Max and Georgie! One of my all time
    favorite couples! I would absolutely love another adventurous journey. One that included the new edition to the family, baby Grayson. D A you sharing your creative, gifted storytelling taking us back to Baymoor, would be a whirlwind enjoyable ride. So, Baymoor, Max and Georgie or what ever characters and stories you are penning I am here for it all. Stamp my ticket I’m ready for another adventure! On this Mother’s Day
    whether you celebrate or not I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hello! Thank you so much. ❤ I'm thrilled you are enjoying the adventures and this latest snippet. Max & Georgie are one of my favorite couples too. I think I'll probably share more of them before we return to Baymoor for Tavish & Renee next year. 🙂


  2. gigic05 says:

    D A love the excerpt! Max and Georgie are one of my all time favorite couple. ❤️ Excited for another Baymoor adventure with Max, Georgie, Lauryn, baby Grayson and the Baymoor crew. Sharing your creative, gifted storytelling I know we are in for an adventurous whirlwind ride. So, beloved old characters, new stories, new characters, new stories I am here for them all. My one-click finger is ready. I have KU, and Audible. D A you are my one-click author. I own all of your ebooks and your audio books. So, stamp my ticket and let’s ride! 😍 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    Side note: D A I normally don’t ask for books. Because I know writing is a creative process. But, if Alexei & Vivi, Jack & Noelle and Casey & Sidra my beloved couples from MOWR ever start talking and want someone to listen. I’m available. 😊😂 I hope I didn’t overstep that was not my intent.

    Again, enjoy your day.

    Carol Johnson

    Get Outlook for iOShttps://aka.ms/o0ukef

    Liked by 2 people

    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hi Carol! Ah, thank you so much! ❤ No, overstepping at all! You'll actually see all three of those couples and even more familiar faces featured in Believe In Me, Emir & Kendra's adventure later this year…along with soemwhere else;)


  3. dalemofo says:

    Max and Georgie are my absolute favorite ❤️ couple (don’t tell Billie and Ransom 😉)!! I’m so happy we got to see a glimpse of their world. When I day dream, I sometimes think of that farm and what it must feel like to live there. That is my dream, to live on land that is cultivated and stewarded by us, my family. Mother’s Day is extremely tough for me but this excerpt helped a lot. Thank you D.A.

    PS I tried leaving the comment on your blog page but apparently WordPress hates my guts, lol.

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Monique F. Alexander

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hi Monique! Haha, don’t worry, your secret is safe with me from them 😉 Those sound like the sweetest day dreams ever. I understand completely because sometimes I do too. Sigh. I’ve reached out to an artist about comissioning somethings for Baymoor. She’s booked until summer next year but I’m willing to wait to get what we want! Thank you for loving the series. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. idash11 says:

    Ah more from the growing family of Max and Georgina Hayes. Such sweetness. Georgina is living the dream after such a rough beginning. Max is her perfect foil. Love the way they love each other! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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