I’m a daughter, mother, Gigi, wife, and work in progress who loves God and the life I’ve been blessed to create with my family and friends. Food, traveling, and music are my obsessions. Raised on dramas such as Dynasty and soap operas, I’m an unapologetic lover of multilayered subplots.

I love to laugh. I’m a devout believer that it’s good for the soul. I adore a good joke and side-eye the hell outta people who can’t take one. Profanity or raciness don’t offend me. Ignorance and narrow-mindedness do. Coffee, good books, and rainy days are heaven sent, and midnight to 4 a.m. is my favorite time of day. I’m also a major believer in kindness. It’s easy to give and share, so, why not? You never know who’s in need of it.

I write for me, first and foremost. These are my characters demanding to be shared and fulfilled, and I strive to honor each process whether it’s a joyful experience or an angsty, gut-wrenching one. I hope you enjoy the adventures we go onVector heart icons hand drawn art design for Valentine day