D. A. Young Adventures!

whiskeyrow-coverswithtitle1If you’re a fan of multilayered characters, intricate storytelling with jaw-dropping plot twists, and steamy romance, then book your next flight to the cozy, family-oriented town of Whiskey Row, located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Meet Jack, Darby, and Casey Sullivan, along with their adoptive parents, friends, and significant others as they triumph over their horrific upbringing to their path of happily ever after. Please read in order, as the characters will overlap and certain storylines will build upon the last.



Embodying small-town living at its finest, the fictional town of Baymoor, Maryland, with its annual holiday festivals and unique celebrations, traditional only to the citizens of Baymoor. Nestled in the idealistic countryside of “Little America”, Baymoor’s citizens are as colorful and entertaining as the city itself!

The Baymoor series centers on the Carlton siblings, Georgina, Eliza, and Graham, who after years apart from one another, return to Baymoor to reacquaint themselves with the only home and family they’ve always loved. Little do they realize, it’s love that ultimately keeps them there.

Book your train ticket and explore the eastern countryside as you make your way to your new home away from home.


circleoffriends-covers-withtitle1Journey to the northwestern seascape and unravel the tangled web of the “Kismet Cove Six”, a tight-knit group of best friends and entrepreneurs. Each story in the series melds the past with the present as we discover how each of these individuals meet and ultimately form their impenetrable bond.

The characters and storylines do overlap; therefore, all stories should be read in order.


tiesthatbind-covers-withtitle2What do a rugged, leather clad MC enforcer and a feisty, independent collegiate have in common? Absolutely nothing, but it was fate that brought them together on a deserted road in the scenic southwest and love that made them fight for one another when the odds were always stacked against them.

Join Ransom Lawson and Willamina “Billy” Stanton as they journey from complicated to soulmates and everything in between, with a little help and dysfunction from everyone who crosses their path.