Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Mr. Brammer.


I hope you’re having a great week! As I stated on my Facebook page, it’s been hectic over here! My goal is to have all of Whiskey Row formatted and in paperback before book six comes out. It’s been a time-consuming and, at times, a frustrating process, but I’d rather get it right than have to start everything all over again. It’s also exciting, but I can’t lie; some days my eyeballs feel like they’re going to fall out.

However, I am committed to this project one hundred percent. As of now, all five books in the series have been revamped! The remaining three are just waiting for their scheduled makeover dates.  Holton Brammer & Katerina Romankov now have my undivided attention.

While I’m writing their adventure, waiting for my new cover (No words to express how EXCITED I am about this), and compiling my fall newsletter, please enjoy the snippet below!



“Exactly how long have I been in your inappropriate thoughts?” Kat wondered aloud. Tilting her head to the side, she examined Holt with an impish smile. “It’s time for you to level with me, babe.”

With a rueful shake of his head, he murmured, “I don’t know if you’re ready for that confession, love.”

Pressing his forehead to hers, Holt cupped her face with his hands and allowed Kat to see what he’d tried to tamper for so long. The intensity carved into his face and the flaring of his nostrils, made the laughter shrivel up in Kat’s throat. He was satisfied when her eyes widened in recognition, and the pulse in her throat thumped spastically, like a maddening techno beat. Holt’s thumb swiped over the irresistibly sweet curves of her cranberry glossed mouth before entering it. Immediately Kat’s eyelids fell half-mast, and her lips closed over the thick digit with a hum of pleasure that made his rigid cock jerk with primal hunger.

Transfixed by the change in her, Holt smiled sinfully when Kat’s velvet tongue flickered and swirled around his thumb suggestively, conjuring up the image of her lips sucking him into a vortex of mindless bliss. Of her bowing, arching, and bending any way Holt manipulated her body as she yielded to him and his insatiable demands. He could see the devilry lurking in Kat’s eyes and knew that they were on the same wavelength. Filthy minds were great ones, that did indeed, think alike.

Kat was dazzling, pure magic and all Holt had ever wanted. She had enough power in her little pinky to wield and control him, yet only used her powers for the greater good of just loving and accepting whom Holt was. Kat was goodness personified. The perfect balance of siren and angel. As her man, it was Holt’s job to help her maintain it. To make sure Kat’s halo never fell off. Knocked crooked and tarnished? As fuck, hell yeah, any chance Holt could get her alone, and writhing shamelessly for mercy on his dick, fingers, and mouth. But never gone.

Heads would roll before he ever allowed that shit to happen.


“All I’ll say, is that your brothers and daddy would slowly take me apart, piece by piece, if they knew,” Holt solemnly divulged. His lips brushed over hers teasingly. “Trust me, darlin’, you’d cry a river if they messed up anythin’ below my waist before we got to our weddin’ night.”

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Partying Romankov Part 2


I seriously love Darby & Avery Sullivan’s vibes the more I spend time with them, lol. I hope you’re having a great week! Enjoy!


“Well, look who finally decided to come up for air,” Darby kidded, as Vivienne and Alexei rejoined their party. “Everythin’ alright in there? You didn’t twist a hip or throw your back out, did you?”

Vivienne rolled her eyes at him, snuggling closer to an affronted Alexei as she came to his defense. “Little boy, please! You wish you had half the skills your daddy does! Between the sheets, my man is a -”

“Why?!” Jack, Darby, and Casey howled with identical, tormented expressions as Vivienne finished bragging.


While the women laughed and toasted each other, Ian grabbed two champagne flutes from a passing server and clinked glasses with a now mollified Alexei. “A happy wife means a happy life. Cheers to you, old friend. Salut!”

“You set yourself up good for that one, hon,” Avery teased her hubby.

Darby was too busy vigorously rubbing his eyeballs to immediately reply. He was trying to erase the appalling image Vivienne’s words had conjured up before they slid into his long-term memory.

Avery stifled a yawn, noting from her watch that it wasn’t even seven-thirty yet. Already, she was exhausted and ready to call it a night. At Darby’s concerned look, she gave a subtle shake of her head. He relaxed slightly, but Avery knew he was maintaining  low-key vigilance. The couple’s decision to keep their pregnancy to themselves for the first trimester was going to be a challenge with this astute group. Avery was going to try though. She was content to let Sid have center stage for the time being. Avery rather enjoyed sharing this treasured information with only her husband right now.

“Well hell, Ms. Avery, I didn’t think she was gonna do all that,” Darby finally grumbled, yet the twinkle in his green eyes belied his disapproving tone. “Why can’t she just be the nice little ol’ bible-study teacher and Nana instead of lettin’ her sparkly, freak flag fly high and proud?”

He noted the exhaustion in his pretty wife’s eyes but also the stubbornness. Avery had no idea how strong his protective instincts were kicking in right now. She allowed him to hover but point blank told him if he was smothering her. Avery would lose her marbles if she knew that Darby was actually reigning himself in. That if it were up to him, she’d be on lockdown twenty-four-seven and surrounded by bodyguards. It was killing him that Avery refused to let him do more than what she deemed necessary.

Darby couldn’t wait to get her home tonight. They’d listen to D.J.’s nightly recital of the five things he was thankful for, say prayers together then Darby would take Ms. Avery to bed and drive her crazy for a couple of hours. Afterward they would whisper-read “What To Expect While Expecting” before Avery dozed off with a serene smile on her lips.

Not Darby, though.

He was too hyped right now and overflowing with emotions to sit still. These days, he’d let his wife sleep while he wandered the house thinking of safety precautions they’d have to make for the baby. Eventually he’d wind up in the recliner in D.J.’s room, just watching his boy sleep. Darby used to think he would never have the blessings Jackie had in the form of a loving wife and family. He didn’t think it was in his cards. But man, had God shown up and out in his life! Darby hadn’t been forgotten, and the blessings just kept on coming. Before finding out about the baby, Darby honestly didn’t think his life could get any more perfect with his son and wife. Never had he felt so grateful to be proven wrong.

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Partying Romankov Style


It’s been a minute, so I hope you’re doing great! Busy, busy over here with revamping, formatting, and writing. I’m nowhere near ready to discuss Holt & Kat’s adventure; however, I will share this snippet, in case you missed the temporary Facebook post last year during the holidays.



I really can’t stay
Baby it’s cold outside
I’ve got to go away
Baby it’s cold outside

Snow fell steadily outside, thickening the already covered ground and trees, and creating a winter wonderland. Inside the Romankov estate, guests – consisting of business associates, friends, and family were warm and cozy as they mingled, noshed, and drank merrily while festive music enhanced the holiday ambience. They were completely unaware that their normally attentive host and hostess had abandoned them for more intimate activities.

“Am I crushing you, my love?”

The concerned question was a rough whisper in Vivienne’s ear. She smiled dreamily as Alexei nipped her earlobe then delicately traced the shell with his tongue.

“Mmm, wasn’t that your plan, Lex?” she sighed into his ear, her nails scoring through his already disheveled locks. “Don’t act like bossing me around isn’t your favorite thing to do, husband. You forget how long we’ve known each other. We both know that you live to try and dominate me.”

Alexei’s shoulders shook with silent laughter as he drew back to peer down at his beloved wife. Vivienne presented an alluring vision, sated and naked across his cognac leather sofa, with her black curls spread out underneath her. Honey skin glowing with happiness and the effects of their lovemaking. Her eyes were overflowing with tenderness as she looped her arms around his neck and gazed up at him adoringly.

Vivi looked exactly as she was supposed to as Alexei’s better half, a content and thoroughly cherished woman. She was his goddamn world, and her love humbled him like nothing else could. Alexei had killed for Vivienne and would readily do so again in the blink of an eye to keep her safe. His breath caught, thinking of how close a call it’d been with her and Stuart Royce. Swiftly he lowered his head, lest she see the gloss of tears in his eyes.

My mother will start to worry
Beautiful, what’s your hurry
My father will be pacing the floor
Listen to the fireplace roar

“As usual, you’ve got it all wrong, my sweet Vivi.”

Alexei’s lips trailed along Vivienne’s jawline and followed the elegant lines of her neck and clavicles before he lowered his head. Palming her breasts in his hands, Alexei captured a dusky aureole between his lips. He loved her body’s honest response to him. The way her nipple pebbled as his tongue curled around it. Gently he bit down on the silken bud and was rewarded with Vivienne’s throaty cry of pleasure. It was a symphony to Alexei’s ears as she arched into him, seeking more of his mouth’s attention.

 “There is no try in dominating you,” he murmured. “I simply do, as I am about to demonstrate once more, wife. Now, shh! Your complete attention is required for the task at hand.”

Vivienne’s giggle ended in a helpless whimper as Alexei devoted his attention to both of her breasts, lavishing them with his lips, tongue, and teeth while positioning himself at her ready opening once more. Her Russian was about to put it on her, and Vivienne had absolutely no objections. How she loved this man! Alexei was her strength, her rock, and she would follow him to the ends of the Earth if he ever tried to leave her.

The last month of trying to find her blackmailer and the danger she’d been put in as he closed in on Vivienne, had put a terrible strain on their marriage. The guilt that Alexei tortured himself with from now knowing he was the catalyst for all the hurt and anguish his wife, her deceased best friend, Moira Sullivan, and their children, had suffered because of him had added even more turbulence to their already rocky marriage. Fearing Vivi might leave him once more, was the reason Alexei swept her away to his study, which resulted in their current impromptu lovemaking session.
However, that was all behind them now.

Stuart Royce and his brother Bradan were now dead. Alexei had seen to it that they endured as much pain and suffering as they’d caused him and his loved ones. Husband and wife were back together, and in agreement that no one would ever come between them ever again.

“I love how easily you take the bait, babe,” Vivienne purred, slowly undulating her hips, and suctioning the crown of his erection into her welcoming heat. Alexei swore harshly as Vivienne deliberately tightened her muscles around him.

“And I love how easily you take my cock, Mrs. Romankov,” Alexei arrogantly informed her, lifting his head to capture her lips in a fiercely possessive kiss as he surged into her once more.

Triumphantly, Alexei swallowed her scream of ecstasy, as he did indeed, dominate her wholly, losing his soul once more in the perfection of his wife.

I’ll post the continuation next Tuesday.

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2019 is right around the corner!


Today’s post is short but sweet, and I’m so here for it! Not to go off topic, but a dancing Brad Pitt isn’t a bad way to get your Monday started, right? I taught him that move. Kidding.

I’ve got meet-and-greets on my mind for 2019!

I’m relinquishing my leisure wear (okay, fine, pajamas), stepping out of my writing cave, and showing my face. MAJOR steps for an introvert like me.  I recently made a Facebook post requesting everyone’s location and the feedback was amazing! You’ve definitely given me tons of options to consider. Thank you so much for your participation. I hope all of you will be as excited to see me as I am to see you!

While I’m deciding on where we should meet, I wanted you to know that there’s one event that I’ve already committed to for 2019. Click the link below to find out what it is and who else will be in attendance. Note to self: bring two inhalers. I mean, seriously, because the chances of me straight up fangirling and hyperventilating are a 100% given, lol! I hope to see you in the Big Easy! 😉

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great week!

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Familiar town. New adventure.


Whiskey Row Header


Guess who’s back, hanging with this loveable bunch???

I’m here in Whiskey Row catching up with the Sullivans, Romankovs, Holt, Guy, Cruz, and Ian as a new adventure unfolds. If you’re familiar with my writing, you know that my stories involve several towns with characters that intersect. It’s not uncommon to see favorites popping up in another series to lend a helping hand or a word of advice. That’s what you do for your ‘framily’. I can’t explain it; I just write where the stories take me. I know it’s been awhile since we’ve been back in The Row, but my inspirations were taking me everywhere but here. It may seem unfair to those wanting and /or waiting for a new Whiskey Row adventure, but just know that what may feel like a lack of focus comes from a place of love. I will not touch a story unless I can give due justice to the couples and you, the readers, that is well deserved.

So, here I am, settling down and preparing to really dig in and get to know Holton Brammer & Katerina Romankov. Already, WTH surprises are popping up, LMAO! Not surprising with this crew, though. Everyone’s stepping their game up. I’m not telling you what’s in store right now, but I can say with certainty that yes, Sidra will have the baby in this book, and it does pick up directly where No Greater Love left off. THERE IS NO RELEASE DATE YET. I am only in the beginning stages of crafting Holt and Kat’s story, with a gazillion notes to process. I’m also working on paperbacks and formatting eBooks for The Pursuit of Happiness, Perfectly Imperfect, and No Greater Love.

Per usual, the cover will make its debut in my newsletter, but all excerpts will take place here on my blog. Teasers might make an appearance on Facebook but only if they’re not too racy.

Winner Takes All DA Young E-Cover 1

Thank you for enjoying Winner Takes All! Thank you for being receptive to a new location, characters, and the way I told Grant & Divina’s story in two parts. The backstory on this couple was as central to these characters as the present and in no way could it have been shortened to brief flashbacks sprinkled throughout. Thank you for your continued patience. You’re simply the best!!!

Well, that’s it for now! I hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July and enjoyed this post.

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Good things come to those who…break the rules?


Last week, I gave you a sneak peek of a future couple of mine. I’m so excited by their upcoming story, that I just had to share a little more of Lincoln Malone & Savannah Hawkins with you. I absolutely looove this duo! As I delve deeper into these two, all I can hear is Lil Jon’s “Lovers and Friends”, smh.

WARNING: Must be 18+ to enjoy!




“Stop staring, Lincoln Malone!”
“Don’t talk to you; don’t serenade you; don’t come within a hundred feet of you, and now, don’t look at you! You have so many rules for me to break that it’s hard to keep track of them, Savvy!” Lincoln called to her as she stomped away from him. “We need to work on a new system!”
The one-fingered salute she honored him with, had Rourke and Grant howling with laughter, while he shamelessly bragged, “I think I’m starting to grow on her.”
Rourke plucked his cousin’s ear, and barely managed to dodge Lincoln’s fist, as he danced out of the way. “Bruh! You need your head examined, on the real! How can a girl that mean be the apple of your eye?”
“What can I say?” Linc sighed with reverence, straining his neck for one last glimpse of Savannah Hawkins before she disappeared around the corner. “The heart wants what it wants. Babygirl had me at ‘go fuck yourself’.”

Times have certainly changed…


Linc’s fingertips trailed along the lace seam of her panties with a growl. “Love, I can’t wait to open Pandora’s Box.”
Savvy covered her mortified face with a half-moan-laugh. “Okay, I have questions! Did you just refer to my pussy as Pandora’s Box? And why?
“I can answer your questions easily enough, but I need to clarify something real quick. It’s my pussy, and,” Lincoln snorted rudely. “hell yeah, I did! Have you met yourself, Savannah Hawkins?” His fingers pulled the delicate scrap of silk to the side and Linc blew provocatively on her sex, making Savvy ‘s back bow. “I’m fairly certain, that this right here? Is going to destroy me in the best-worst ways possible.”                                     She moaned softly as his tongue delicately stroked her. “Yet you don’t seem scared of the idea. Why is that exactly, Lincoln Malone?”

Well, that’s all for now!

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When cousin Savvy gives you the good word.


Below is an excerpt from my work in progress, WINNER TAKES ALL. This scene takes place right after Divina Langley and Grant Easton first meet at the recreation center where her cousin, Savannah Hawkins, works. IDK, I think they might kinda, sorta like each other, lol!



A ruckus on the court brought the cheering crowd to their feet, drawing Divina and Savvy’s attention to it.
An embarrassed opponent was glaring after Grant from underneath the basketball hoop as Grant ran, smirking, back down the court. He glanced Divina’s way and awareness shot through her when Grant pointed toward the scoreboard, then back at her and winked. Divina stifled a proud smile when she saw his team was now up by eight.
Seeing their silent interaction, Savvy jumped in her startled cousin’s face. “Oh hell to the nah, girl! Anybody but Grant’s arrogant ass! Not him, or the Hershey bar next to him.”
Divina glanced at said chocolate delight, who clocked in over six feet but was slightly shorter than Grant, looking like royalty with his gorgeous cocoa complexion, and chiseled good looks. “Well, dang.”                                                                                                  “Let me rephrase that; neither those two and Hershey Bar’s cousin, Mr. Good Bar, over there on the bench, getting his hair braided of all things.”
“Do they have actual names?” Divina peeped across the gym to see another tall guy whose attractiveness rivaled yet resembled his cousin’s, letting two girls do his hair as he called out advice to his team members.
“I refer to them as Frick and Frack, but the one on the court is my arch nemesis and Grant’s best friend, Lincoln Malone,” Savvy replied darkly. As if he heard her from across the noisy gym, the baller looked her way with a rakish grin and blew her a kiss, to which a bristling Savvy scowled, turning her nose up as she looked away. His booming laugh echoed from the gym’s rafters, making her hands ball like she wanted to square up with him. “Gawd! See what I mean?”
“Not really,” Divina murmured, amused by the duo’s antics. “In denial much, cuz? Ouch!”
Savvy rubbed her cousin’s injured skin that she’d pinched and led her back to the top of the bleachers. “Hush! That serves you right! Anywho, the other is his cousin, Rourke. We all go to school together. They live down the block from me, and I’d rather have a case of flaming hemorrhoids than deal with those two headaches! Grant lives around the corner from them. Stay away from them! They’re all game-spittin’ pussy hounds with playa reputations. If you don’t believe me, take a look around you.”
Divina did a slow evaluation of her surroundings and met numerous challenging glares from the diverse female population in attendance. The ratio of females to males in attendance was at least ten to one.
“These chicks ain’t posted up here because they wanna learn to be like Mike, Vee,” Savvy added sarcastically. “They all want to be the next boo thang hugged up on anyone from that knuckleheaded trio that runs through girls like water through your fingers. If you value your sanity, you’ll keep your distance from Grant. FYI: he’s also an identical twin, but Wyatt’s super chill. Got himself a steady girlfriend so he’s not out here like them, tearin’ through ass like the Tasmanian Devil.”
Divina watched the words leave her cousin’s mouth, listened to what she was saying, and even managed to process it. Her reasoning sounded logical, and Divina was certain that Savvy wouldn’t lie to her. But her eyes involuntarily sought out Grant again, and found him at the end of the court, using the bottom half of his shirt to wipe off the sweat dripping from his face. The action exposed a rippling six-pack that made Divina’s mouth go dry, then flood with drool. Grant dropped his shirt and their eyes locked. Her heart refused to heed Savvy’s warnings as currents of attraction and expectation sizzled between them, seductively luring Divina further under Grant’s spell. In the months to come, she would soon discover the problem with logic. It was the heart’s worst enemy.

I hope you enjoyed another sneak peek at Divina & Grant, along with some of the Baxter Park crew!

Warm Regards,