D. A. Young is leaving…


I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. Can you believe that 2019 is already on its way out the door? I can’t, but changes are on the horizon for 2020, so I suppose I’d better adjust quick, fast, and in a hurry, lol.

As of January 1st, I’m taking an official break from my Facebook page and closing it indefinitely. Ideally, I’d love to keep it open, but I’m currently frustrated with the hacking attempts that I refuse to put up with if the powers that be won’t make more of an effort to prevent them. I’ve already permanently closed my professional profile months ago because of this same issue, and now, it’s happening to my personal account. Hopefully, I’ll be back for new releases, and fingers crossed, this won’t be an issue.

Luckily, my blog offers me a platform where I can still communicate with everyone so that you remain updated. Feel free to sign up for post notifications and you’ll always be in the know! I will also continue to release my quarterly newsletter. Please consider adding me to your contacts after signing up; otherwise, it may go to spam/junk mail. Also, if you’re interested in following, I’m on Instagram😊

Okay! Let’s talk adventures, shall we?

Lots of changes happening in Baymoor! It was bittersweet to be reunited with the Carlton siblings, their baes, friends, and family. Have you read Time, Love & Tenderness, my latest release in the series yet? If not, check it out and discover what the gang has been up to!

TLT - Graphic 3

It’s coming. I made a commitment, and I intend to honor it. Thank you for your continued patience.

Oh, Happy Daaay! The characters are talking, and I’m so here for it! Below is a sneak peek of an upcoming adventure Somewhere to Bloom, featuring my next Kismet Cove couple, Tommy Brewster & Jade Davies.


“Go inside, Jade. Standing out in this rain won’t do you or the baby any good.”

“I’ll go when I finally have an answer!” she stubbornly maintained, stepping in front of Tommy and intentionally blocking him. “It’s time you stopped fighting this, Tommy. Stopped fighting us! Don’t you want to see how amazing we could be together?”

Despite the rain pelting down, Jade’s proposition came through loud and clear. It dangled in the air, crackling between them, triggering an electric flash of awareness that barreled through Tommy. Her emerald gaze ensnared him, and per usual, his thought process was a chaotic knot, tangled whenever she was near. He wasn’t surprised. Everything about Jade Davies was created to tempt him. From her goddess locs that caressed her elegant neck and  rounded shoulders to her bewitching eyes and the feline bow of her wide smile. Her sumptuous caramel hue that was draped over curves so lush, that Tommy physically ached to acquaint himself with them. It was hard to reconcile this serenely confident, vibrant woman with the skinny pain-in-the ass brat that had driven him crazy with her childish antics and pranks.

Tommy realized the choice being given to him would alter his life forever. The writing on the wall was glaringly bright like the graffiti Jade used to strategically tag the city of Seattle with. It hypnotized him, summoning Tommy closer to the verge of a precipice where he would have to eventually decide. Would he choose to retreat to his self-imposed exile, or explode into the fulfilled life he coveted, with Jade and the baby, living out loud and openly?

“Tommy?” she prodded, impatient for an answer to the question in her aching heart. The warmth he exuded heated Jade’s cool flesh, making her want to sink into him. His soapy citrus fragrance teased her nostrils and blended with the rich scent of the earth and aromatic flowers surrounding them, here in the garden.

Tommy’s eyes shuttered. “If you’re searching for a fairytale, Jade, then the answer is no. I’m fresh out of them.”

“You’re not!” Jade volleyed with a rebellious jut of her chin. Seeing it made his lips twitch with amusement. “You’re just scared shitless.”

His humor faded and his jaw flexed at her challenge. Tommy tried to avert his gaze, unwilling to allow her to see how on point she was. Jade refused to let him. Her fingers reached out and gently touched the side of his face that he always concealed from her. Tommy flinched and jerked back, but Jade cupped his face in her hands and held fast and he stopped resisting what he craved most in the entire world. Just for a minute, Tommy told himself, closing his eyes. It had been so long since he’d felt another person’s touch aside from his doctor and specialists. Jade’s fingers felt exactly like her. Like he knew they would.  Magic.

“Do you think I’m the fairytale?” Tommy’s whisper was rougher than normal, underscored by torment. “Because I’ve never read one where the princess and the villain lived happily ever after. That’s who I am. The villain. You’d do well to remember that, princess.”

Jade reached up and replaced her hands with her lips, pressing them over Tommy’s wet, scarred flesh. Her eyes filled with tears at the anguished howl that he couldn’t quite suppress. Like an earthquake, it rumbled through him. This beautiful man had earned his injuries saving her brothers. It was a debt that could never be repaid. The need to show him how much he was appreciated and loved overwhelmed her at times, but Jade wouldn’t stop until Tommy realized and accepted that he was deserving of  her. She pulled back, blinking away tears that mingled with the rain. Her words stuck in her throat when Tommy opened his eyes and revealed the raw longing and sadness he could no longer keep buried. Jade smiled tremulously, and grimly, he returned the gesture.

“Everything hits different with the right person; you have to know and believe that, Tommy. I’m not playing the waiting game now that I know what I want. I refuse to accept anything less. It’s now or never…”

Hot eyes roving over her, Tommy silently cursed the fact that he wasn’t anywhere near as strong as she believed him to be. Her off-shoulder, sunset-colored maxi was drenched and molded to her body, accentuating her rounded stomach, flared hips, and…the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. A man of substance and character would have adamantly declined her offer and ran like hell. Except, Tommy was helpless where this woman was concerned. Jade’s fire and indomitable spirit, her spunk and take-no-prisoners-attitude, beckoned him like a moth to a flame. She was bringing it all to the table, and it was only right that he manned the fuck up and met her halfway.

Tommy shifted, closing the gap between them, his hand splayed on the small of her back possessively while his other, fisted her soaked locs, wrapping them around his hand and tugging her head back like he had every damn right to. Their bodies were flush as could be with Jade’s belly between them and they stared at each other in wonderment, anticipation simmering in their veins. And after months of fantasizing and dreaming of what it would feel like, Tommy lowered his head slowly, giving Jade time to reconsider. Instead, she remained true to form, rising to the occasion, or rather up on tiptoe, to meet him. Eyes drifting shut, their lips finally met.

Whew! Well, that’s all for now.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Warm Regards,


45 thoughts on “D. A. Young is leaving…

  1. Iris Philyaw says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re leaving. Looking forward to 2020 and your new releases. Continued blessings in the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  2. gigic05 says:

    Hi D.A. We will miss you! I hope the hacking resolution will be resolved and you can come back. I will keep up with you through your blog. I will continue to enjoy and read your wonderful books and support your hard work. I loved the excerpt and look forward to more adventures from Baymoor, Circle of Friends, TTTB and any books you choose to share.


    1. dayoungwrites says:

      Thank you so much! I appreciate that. I’m hoping for a more positive solution as well. I’m glad you enjoyed Tommy and Jade’s snippet and I look forward to sharing that and many more adventures with you!


  3. Shay F. says:

    Its sad to see you go but I completely understand. Your privacy and peace of mind is very important. Honestly not shocked that more action was not taken due to your account being hacked. I’ve had a number of friends get hacked and had to create a whole new file, one of the reasons not as active on FBK as I was in my 20s. I keep it open for my IR authors and pics of my nieces. You’ll be missed!

    Good Luck to you and I’ll keep an eye out for your new releases


    1. dayoungwrites says:

      Thank you, Shay. I appreciate your understanding. It was incredibly frustrating, but I look at it now as a silver lining. I created this platform for us and was barely utilizing it. Now I’m embracing it! Happy New Year!


  4. Patricia Haines says:

    I’m really liking this pairing! I was thinking about tommy and here you are writing about him. Like minds and milanos♥️♥️


  5. Angie Swearingen says:

    Sorry to hear this, but I understand wanting a peace of mind to keep yourself stress free. Can’t wait for the books. I pray you had a wonderful holiday and praying many blessings in the new year!


  6. Gina Bediako says:

    As facebook has become a junk space, I am glad you are leaving IT but NOT us! I will continue to follow you on Instagram (once I know your “handle”:) You are too good a writer for others not to “discover” you. You lead and I or we will follow.


  7. Stephaine says:

    Hi DA, sorry about the hacking but totally understand your decision to close down the shop. I will keep up with you through your blog & IG. I will continue to support your fabulous work by purchasing & reading all of your great work. Take care & Happy New Year👍🏾


    1. dayoungwrites says:

      Thank you so much Stephaine! I appreciate the continued support and will hopefully be back for announcements. In the meantime, I’ll be putting this platform to use and intend to make it enjoyable for everyone. 🙂 Take care and Happy New Year!


  8. Tameka says:

    Oh man, I’m sorry to hear but it all good. I can’t wait to read all your blogs and books. This is still a great way to be in contact with you.


  9. Vanessa Morgan says:

    As always I eagerly await your next book in any of the series. I’m such a fangirl of your writing. I’ll miss the FB connection but understand your reasons. I’ll just have to ensure to look out for the blog. Wishing you a happy, creative and successful 2020!


  10. Clarissa says:

    I’m so glad to have met the men of whiskey Row. The books were wonderful well written and I fell in love all over again. Thank for the introduction of each of these men.


  11. Sharon Curry says:

    Hi D.A. Young , thanks for letting us know about your departure from Facebook. I understand. I am looking forward to continue to read your fabulous stories. I hope you and your family are safe and well during these very scary times. Take care.


    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hi Sharon! I hope you and your family are safe as well! Thank you for your understanding. It’s very much appreciated. The good news is I’m back on Facebook for the time being! Be sure to check in because I’ve been posting! Baymoor is now on audio. The Farmer & The Belle is now available and Lost & Found comes out on 5/5. TTTB 3 Part One is also available and I’m working on Part Two now.


  12. Sandra Smith says:

    I totally understand your departure of Facebook.I left after George Floyd, which is the same time I discovered your novels. I devoured both series (Whiskey Row and Baymoor) and purchased both the books and Audibles. I’m about to read Ties that Bind. I love your writing style.
    Question, when can we expect a follow up with Cruz love life and Vivienne’s introduction to her birth mother? Can’t wait. Stay blessed and thank you for sharing your talents.


    1. D. A. Young says:

      Hi Sandra! Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventures. Cruz’s story is a W.R. spin-off that will come later this year.;)


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